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Question - Is Vox a good server to play on? (1 Viewer)


Jun 26, 2022
I just started playing EQ again and jumped on Vox, but unsure if that was a good choice. Any good information would be helpful.


Active member
May 8, 2022
I started on Vox, but switched to FV. The special loot rules (nearly everything is tradable, except quest items) and the perm. 50% exp bonus really helps leveling. You can get full sets of nearly any set quite cheap in bazaar. The non Prestige T1 are rather costly, but most prestige stuff is really cheap (ToV T2/T3 for a few hundret pp per price last time i checked). And it looks well populated.


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Apr 8, 2021
the pro FV idea is great especially if your planning on subbing and spending some coin, but if your looking for a free to play avenue like on vox might i suggest looking into test server. given that vox has a low server pop if you chose that you would get the same population somewhat on test . but on test you get permanent gold status and double exp ... again just my opinion but def worth considering. also you can just testcopy your current toons from vox to test. and you still have the option of getting items on live than just copying them whenever u need them (just be aware of items and there tradeable status etc)

not to forget mentioning that all the cwtn plugins and mqgrind/premium plugins are mostly usable on test at no cost

*edit* forgot to mention the con to test server is it does go down more frequently than live but if your a patient person the RG dev crew sure does there best to keep it going in a fast and timely manner 99% of the time***

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