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Question - I'm intimidated by live; should i be? (1 Viewer)


Mar 18, 2016
I have been on and off TLPs for a long time. Ive had my hand at Mischief and its very fun. But honestly i just wanna build a box team and connect with other players along the way and that is making me eye Firiona Vie. Its almost the same model (mostly free trade) as Mischief and it allows me to do what i want to do with boxing as well as not carry a hefty monthly monetary value with the subscription fees. Am i wrong for wanting to go live? I have very little expansion knowledge after OoW but to be fair i just wanna go a little more casual and have some generic team building fun with different combinations. Any thoughts? Just kind of worried ill be a fish out of water and will get frustrated with the content infront of me being so alien and the vast unknown universe that is like 10 expansions or something that i dont understand.


Dec 29, 2017
I missed a lot of content after taking a break for a while. Free trade is definitely easier for coming up on a live server since you can commonly get hand me downs as you go that would otherwise be something you'd have to go out and get yourself each time you wanted one.

The gap in expansions can be overwhelming at first, but honestly the gameplay itself isn't that far off from what you experience in other expansions with the exception of the new zones and quests. But realistically advancing a team on a live server will allow you to skip expansions in their entirety so you're not beholden to the content of all of those missed expansions.


May 5, 2016
cool think about eq is you can enjoy it is so many different ways - and the ways you enjoy it are likely to change over time - especially if you find some friends.

just dive on in - dont be afraid to mix it up

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