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Question - Hunting named in CoV. (1 Viewer)

Feb 13, 2020
Good day all!

I'm on a mission and that is to get the achievement ''Ice Cold Slayer'' But I'm stuck at this champion https://cov.eqresource.com/jaleddarstrappedshade.php

I cleansed the room from Ritualists several times, yet the trapped soul never gets activated, he is ''not a valid target'' (I tried for 3 hours'ish) 12 toons troop.

If anyone have done this part, please share how you did to spawn the named.

Admins feel free to move this thread, I might be posting in wrong part again, I'm old and confused.
I haven’t done this since it was in era. But I do recall it being a pita to get him to activate. When you say clear the room of ritualists you do mean ‘they are all dead at the same time and the shade is all that’s left’? If so, then maybe it’s bugged? Because that is the proper way - everything in room dead then you should be able to interact with the shade and kill him.
Correct, only one left in the room is that skeleton dragon, and that its not a valid target. He does not activate or take any damage, even tho the room is cleared from rats.

Might be worth to send a report to the EQ devs?
I had to bring in two additional groups to keep all the rats down so that the Shade became active. Not ideal, but it worked.

yep, that is what I do, 2 groups of 6.

Room have been cleared out plenty of times, dragon just stands in the middle of the room and does stuff.

I really hope the devs fixes this till this month patch, but I doubt they ever do..


I did manage it, I found the last Restless Ritualist.

He/she was not in the room, but outside and up high where it should not be! Killed it, then killed em all in the room.. BOOOM! Dragon came active! Yay!
Question - Hunting named in CoV.

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