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Question - How to purchase and receive krono in the RedCent shop? (1 Viewer)

Feb 27, 2022
I apologize for being too dumb to figure this out....

I bought a krono with Redcent and I can't figure out what i need to do take receipt of it. I did once before and I can't even remember how i took receipt of that one. Please inform me how I manage this. thank you
Dec 21, 2020
heh. i had the same problem for a while.
top right, red bar, left of SEARCH feature is the RedCent Shop icon.
left click, go down to Redcents Shop and left click again

Panel opens up to the actual store. top left is the 1 month sub for you. ( beside it is the 1 month sub for a friend You are gonna use down the road /wink )
click purchase and select how many you would like.

Once you have selected how many you want, it opens up a checkout panel on the left side for you. ( this option wasn't available until you selected what you wanted to buy )
Open checkout panel, select item you want, click number of items you want. go down to the right bottom of panel and click " PURCHASE"


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Aug 12, 2018
Guess I do it the hard way - not sure about settings but I am sure that is the better way lol.

Go to cart/check out then check the box, then click update and it wants me to "configure" it so I type in the name of my alt character on Vox server and finish it out.

Wait a few hours or days if its busy and then log into that character and make sure the Krono is there and then log in a character from the account I really want it on and trade it to that one.

Make sure you spell the character's name right and you may have to make an alt on Vox to receive the Krono


May 5, 2016
Hey just bought a krono still have not recieved it. Made a character on Vox server.
they are done manually.

as long as you configured your purchase, you will get it.

usually takes a day or two - but again manually processed and sent out.

when in doubt, i'd make sure that your toon exists on vox
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