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Question - housing question (1 Viewer)

Jul 22, 2019
So I made a separate guild for a fresh group of alts (other toons may join because I got sick of raiding) and I've never done my own guild like this. Is there any disadvantage to just using one of the many nearly empty neighborhoods vs paying the extra for a neighborhood writ? Like the original guild that bought it can't kick me out or something?

Edit: found some similar threads but none that address my main concern
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First off are you wanting to place houses or a custom guild hall?

If you buy the writ/custom hall combo then that gives you your own neighborhood then only other players that you allow and/or are in your guild can put houses in it. And it will be named after your guild. The combo package it best cause if you buy the hall now and the writ later it costs a bit more

Taking that a step further you are not allowed to place custom hall or house in someone else's hood (which is named after their guild) unless they gave you permissions or have open permissions.

There are game generated neighborhoods but trying to get a guild plot in one can take a while. On some servers that is. They fill up fast and you may have no choice as to which of the 4 guild plots you get to use. But yes, if you can find an open one then you certainly can go that route for houses and guild halls.

The game is supposed to generate new neighborhoods when the current game hoods get full but I don't think that is working right.

So while it may look like a lot of them are empty they might not be. I know of one guild that has 3 neighborhoods and one of them is kind of empty right now but they will be filling it soon. No one else is allowed to place houses or halls in that one other than that guild

I can check if you would like and see if there are any open game generated hoods on your server if you would like
I did a more current write up that might help you out here

there is another one for houses too
Ah I see, permissions have to be set. There are like dozens upon dozens of guild neighborhoods on Tunare with 0 GH and 0 houses, thought I might be able to hop into one of those and save some money but I guess that's unlikely

Edit: there are plenty of spots in public hoods...wanted a private one but I guess it doesn't matter much.
Ah I see, permissions have to be set. There are like dozens upon dozens of guild neighborhoods on Tunare with 0 GH and 0 houses, thought I might be able to hop into one of those and save some money but I guess that's unlikely
Ah Tunare yes those are probably the game guild hoods and would be open. Those would show 0/0 so yes, you can place halls and houses in those and no permissions needed
If you get a writ for your own guild neighborhood, you have all new spaces to place your houses and a choice of 4 lots for the guild hall. You could place a guild hall in an existing neighborhood, but then housing plots will be scattered and you would have to run around a lot more. If you only want to place only a few houses, it would be okay. But, if you want to place a lot, I would go with a writ and create a new one for your guild.
I found the lower 2 have 1000/1500 storage but can't find storage info for grand/palatial. You'd think it would list an attribute like that when you are shopping ><
Yeah its in my write up

NPC sells the Modest for 1,068 plat and you can place 1500 items it it. Placeable means stuff like statues, pets roaming around, tables, swords on the walls etc. But the guild halls themselves hold about 2000 total items.

I have never filled one up so I would not worry about it :)
Tunare is my main server so I checked while I was on today and if you look at the gate and the listings you can tell which are in game neighborhoods by looking at the top of the listings.

It shows neighborhood, then to the right is the heading guild then PPlots, Used, GPlot and Used

So under the heading guilds the list will not show any guild names if it is game owned. It may show some guild plots or house plots in use cause other players can use them.

Most of them show all 4 guild plots in use but these have at least 1 guild plot open

Cedar Country Meadows
Circle Hills
Circle landing
Circle meadows

And a few more
Question - housing question

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