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Question - Hijacked Shift-Q (1 Viewer)

Apr 18, 2021
Is there a way to disable MQ2 from taking over the shift Q input and/or changing it to another command? I don't see anyway to change it within the program. It alternates through all of your open toon windows. I skimmed the .ini but did not see it in there. Hopefully it's not something obvious and I'm just missing it.
macroquest.ini, and its something you set up at some point


because pr default they are blank
Thanks for that, not sure how I missed it, my forward was set to shift q and backwards to shift z. I really don't remember doing that because I always play with several windows over lapping each other on 2 monitors so I would never need any hot keys to tab through them.
Question - Hijacked Shift-Q

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