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Here's how to get 8 writs instead of 4! (1 Viewer)


Dec 27, 2004
Supposedly, you could only get 1 writ per write giver. That's not true.

For each writ giver, (make sure you dont have any of that herolds writs currently) double click on them. The quest acceptance window will pop up asking you "yes or no".


Instead, just leave that window alone and continue to double click the quest giver.

This may take a couple of double clicks, but another quest window will pop up sooner or later. Now, you will have two quest windows. When you have both acceptance windows on your screen, click "Yes" for each window. Do this for each of the 4 writ givers. You will get 8 writs!

Now, that sure does make it easier to level your guild without having to keep running back to town after only 4 quests.

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Eldar Grove: Wanderer Greencoast, standing by the big Elddar Tree

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