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Question - help!!!!! my shaman won't quit


New member
In kiss assist can anyone tell me why my shaman is keeps meming the same buff over and over? I have to actually /endmac and mem it manually then he will cast it. He's only level 2 so he only has 3-4 buffs to mem.
Can you post your shaman's ini please? Common issues would be a typo in the spell name in your Buff section or maybe having that spell in the spell slot you're using for MiscGem/MiscGemRemem.
My shaman won't quit being awesome.

Also yes, post your ini when you are asking for help, we can't really figure out why this is happening if we don't know the input.


Active member
What seems to happen sometimes is that they mem the buff, then try to cast it but the buff isn't off the mem cooldown yet, so they unmem it to try another buff. When that has happened to me in the past, I put the problem buff in a spell slot that is permanent (and not in the MiscGem=). But yeah, looking at the whole ini would be good, we can just show you what to tweak.