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Problem - Graphics.dll crash and missing .DLL files on autologin (1 Viewer)

Oct 27, 2023
I was running fine today. Relogged my accounts. Upon returning i started receiving graphics.dll crash. tried deleting file and having eq create a new one. no dice. Have now gone as far as a fresh install of both Everquest and redguides launcher. When I try to use autologin I get "the code execution cannot proceed because mss64midi.dll was not found. Same with mss64.dll. steam_api64.dll. also cohtml.windowsdesktop.dll. Attached is the .dmp file. Somebody help. im lost here.


  • eqgame_20231102_091806.dmp
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Those error mean that your everquest installation is missing critical parts. It could also mean that you uninstalled the game and re-isntalled to a different location, but not all of the files were removed, and that your loader is still trying to launch from the old location.

I can definitely tell you though, going into your EQ directory and deleting DLLs is not the brightest idea, as it will not only cause you more problems, but it won't actually solve any of the ones you're having.
Problem - Graphics.dll crash and missing .DLL files on autologin

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