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IRL - Github maintenance (1 Viewer)


Jan 7, 2024
Hello :)

In case some scripts are hosted on Enterprise Github, there is a scheduled maintenance incoming.

GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) Planned Outage for Maintenance Activities : 30/01/24
GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) Planned Outage for Maintenance Activities
We have scheduled a planned maintenance window to perform our quarterly major upgrade of GitHub Enterprise Server (GHES) from version 3.8.12 to version 3.10.4.
GHES will be unavailable during the maintenance window for a period of 12 hours from Tuesday, 30-Jan-2024, from 1:00 AM ET until 1:00 PM ET (from 06:00 UTC until 18:00 UTC).
You will not be able to use the GHES web UI or REST API, or the git CLI during this time. GitHub Actions and Packages will also be unavailable.
GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHEC) and GitHub Enterprise Managed Users (GEMU) will be unaffected.
You can review the
GitHub Enterprise Server 3.10.x release notes for details on the latest changes, bug fixes, and known issues.
IRL - Github maintenance

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