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Problem - Getting Smashed in Kael (1 Viewer)

Jul 15, 2019
If you need to farm the nodrop part for gear upgrades you can farm them pretty easily if you camp just south of the west corner of the giant fort in EW. You can do both windchill and bolman at the same time. just put the giants, the named giant, and the other animals on ignore. that way you only pull PH and will have more chances. Both named should be easy for your SK to tank.
May 31, 2018
t1 armor is dirt cheap in baz, i wouldnt be surprised if u asked for a full set in general and someone would donate it
people let it rott or destroy it at this point
if you are a gold account and do ToV HA or have friends that do for u , they drop 2 ores a mission now, easy to get full t3 vis and non vis in no time

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