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Question - Fishing recipes? (1 Viewer)


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Sep 8, 2019
When I try the /outputfile fishing I get the following "You haven't learned any notable Fishing recipes, yet...".

Every other tradeskill outputs something for me.

When I try to run the macro tradeskill recipes (max out Artisan's Prize) I get the following for fishing [MQ2] Not possible to have zero required recipes?


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Nov 11, 2019
Again for those doing trade skills here is a guide for you all.. this was made just for artisan prize and shows you exactly what you need to do to get th 200-250 fishing and 300-350 in the other TS.. Its is from Adieta on my server, this person took the time to write down everything you will need to know even were crap drops.. Like i CANNOT EXPRESS how good this site is, it is not for getting trade skills and trophies maxed it is specifically for maxing out TS and Artisan prize..

Mar 2, 2019
For fishing it is a lot about the crafting of Hooks and preparing of fish.
To start with about 100 Circle Hooks, 100 Dry Hooks, 100 Treble Hooks (Sold by Angler Winifred in Plane of Knowlege, and other vendors), Roots (foraged), Celandine Herb (Shamman supply vendors), and Filleting Knife (Crafted), and about 300 Silk Thread (crafted from Spiderling Silks)

Then a bunch of fishing from various zones for the specific fish you have not completed yet for the Prepared Fish recipes from http://eqrecipes.free.fr/index.php, and other supplies such as Bat Wings, Tuft of Dire Wolf Fur, etc . . .. a bunch of farming.
Generally only need one or two of each of the fish and 3 to 5 of each of the farmed extra components for fish hooks (one fore each type of Hook)

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