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Problem - EQlogparser and Bard Proc/DD

Nov 22, 2018
I am having a problem where my logs do not seem to be capturing proc/DD for bards only to be included in EQlogparser output. All other classes have proc/DD damage appearing in the parse, just nothing for bards. I tried using different character log files with the same results. Other friends have shared their EQlogparser screens showing bard proc/DD is included. I am not sure if this is an EQ log settings issue or something else. Any ideas please?
I assume you mean the in game chatbox filters? I will go through them again, but could this result in only bard class proc/dd not getting logged? I have opened the mage log and bard log files in EQlogparser and they both do not include any bard class proc/dd.
Problem - EQlogparser and Bard Proc/DD

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