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Tip - EQ Viewport - new to me info (1 Viewer)

Nov 23, 2019
Saw this posted on the forums. I didn't know it, so thought I would share.

EQ has the /viewport command. This command will allow you to change the viewport (the area of the window where your view is drawn) from the default (full window) to an area you specify.
/viewport <--- see your current settings and some help/desc
/viewport x1 y1 xs ys <scale> <--- changes the settings
/viewport reset <--- resets to defaults

So you can now arrange your UI windows so as to leave an area of the screen unobstructed and then size your viewport to occupy just that area. No more obstructed parts of your view. No more looking up or down until you can see a shiny or clickable object!

The downside being everything in your view is smaller.

I know I will be playing with this in the next while.

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