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Question - Diminishing Returns (1 Viewer)

May 10, 2021
Evening RG community 🙂
I recently switched over to a melee style crew. PA/SHA/BST/BRD/ROG/MONK. All 115 with mostly TOL chase gear and weapons. My question revolves around damage shields. With mob HPs in the tens or hundreds of millions, do damage shields actually make a difference at this level? My melee crew is doing great dps and initially, I don't see a tangible difference without a damage shield buff. Is there a way to highlight just damage shield impact on eq log parser ?



Well-known member
Jun 27, 2020
Damage shields were lightyears behind current content before they were massively increased a few expansions back. Now they're only thousands of miles behind current content. Over the course of an entire night, they do end up adding up to getting some 'free' kills... But on any individual mob they're quite negligible.

I just added up all the hits my party has received in the last 8 hours. 23,347. Multiply that by the largest long duration mage DS (8,955) and we're at a little over 209 million. So I would have got a few extra mobs.

In short, they just haven't kept pace very well. However, DS PLing is still viable because of the increase a few expansions back, so I refuse to complain.
Question - Diminishing Returns

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