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Problem - Crash after clicking Loot All (1 Viewer)

Jul 11, 2022
This one is not very consistent. This would be the third time it has happened, so not a once an hour type thing. Very Vanilla loaded, no muleassist or the like running at the moment.

EverQuest Crash Detected
MacroQuest caught a crash:
Location: C:\Users\Public\Daybreak Game Company\Installed Games\EverQuest\eqgame.exe+00000000005FCD2F

CrashID: f7c0082b-aab0-4f08-9fc1-7fb47eac3ef0

You can either:
* [RETRY] Continue execution and hope for the best.
* [CANCEL] Write a crash dump and terminate EverQuest.

Retry Cancel


Taco Giver
Aug 19, 2020
The devs can take a look at it, however, MQ2advloot and ColdsBigBag UI mod was causing me a crash when looting no drop items back in early ToL... so might just be a simple macro/plugin/lua with a off the wall error. Switching to YALM solved it for me..
Problem - Crash after clicking Loot All

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