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Problem - Combobox problem (1 Viewer)

Aug 9, 2006
I'm trying to get the command to set the looter. I know it can be done with:

/notify AdvancedLootWND ADLW_CLLSetCmbo ListSelect #

What I want is:

/notify AdvancedLootWND ADLW_CLLSetCmbo ListSelect Zalumbus

My problem is I'm trying to get the # for the desired looter. How do you get the corresponding # for the name you choose?
Additional info, I know it's possible to use:

/echo ${Window[AdvancedLootWND].Child[ADLW_CLLSetCmbo].List[#]} to read the values. I simply don't have the structure to read the name I'm searching for easily.
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Aug 9, 2006
Sweet, it worked. TY for the help.

/echo ${Window[AdvancedLootWnd].Child[ADLW_CLLSetCmbo].List[Zalumbus]} will give you the # for myguymmyguy in your list and /notify AdvancedLootWND ADLW_CLLSetCmbo ListSelect ${Window[AdvancedLootWnd].Child[ADLW_CLLSetCmbo].List[Zalumbus]} picks myguymyguy from the list, even if the window is closed. Hope this helped some others who wondered how to do it too.
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Jun 12, 2015
there are built in commands for using advloot and distributing loot and such.

- Couple additions to /advloot
30 Mar 2016
- I think I got Advloot under control now, go for it, test it as hard as u can.
- Added a new Member .LootInProgress to the AdvLoot TLO
  use it or face imminent doom!
  Usage Example:

  /if (!${AdvLoot.LootInProgress}) {
        /echo its safe to loot
        if (${AdvLoot.SCount}>=1) {
            /echo im going to give 1 ${AdvLoot.SList[1].Name} to myself
            /advloot shared 1 giveto ${Me.Name} 1
  } else {
        /echo do something else, loot is in progress...


- /advloot shared # now accepts leave and giveto as arguments
  /advloot shared <#(index) or "item name"> giveto <name> <opt:qty> (qty is optional, if you leave it out it will give full stack)
  /advloot shared <#(index) or "item name"> leave
  Lets say there is a stack of 4 spiderling silks in the first list item of the shared lootwindow
  /advloot shared 1 giveto eqmule 1
  /advloot shared 1 giveto SwiftyMUSE
  Will give 1 spiderling silks to eqmule
  Will give the remaining 3 spiderling silk to SwiftyMUSE (we didnt specify qty, so it just gave the rest)
  /advloot shared "spiderling silk" leave
  Will just leave the first "spiderling silk" it finds in the shared list on the corpse...
  or /advloot shared 1 leave
  Will just leave whatever is in list index 1 in the shared list on the corpse... (in our example spiderling silk)


- Added a few more members to the AdvLoot TLO: all return TRUE or FALSE if checkbox is checked
  .AutoRoll .Need .Greed .No .AlwaysNeed .AlwaysGreed .Never
  Usage Example: /if (${AdvLoot.SList[1].Need}==TRUE) item 1 in the shared list has Need checked. 
- Added PWantCount and SWantCount which counts the number of items in each list that has a checkmark
  in any of the need and greed boxes.
  Usage Example: /echo /if (${AdvLoot.SCount} && ${AdvLoot.SWantCount}) /advloot shared set ${Me.Name}


15 Apr 2015 by eqmule
- Added a new TLO for AdvLoot, this is a first draft, test it, report bugs, and so on to me.
  I need a volunteer to update the wiki with this new TLO and its usage/members
  It has a few members SList,PList,SCount and PCount
  /echo ${AdvLoot.PList[1].Name}
  Output: [MQ2] Bone Chips
  /echo there are ${AdvLoot.PCount} items in the personal loot list
  Output: [MQ2] there are 3 items in the personal lootlist
  /echo the item in index 1 has a StackSize of ${AdvLoot.PList[1].StackSize}
  Output: [MQ2] the item in index 1 has a StackSize of 2
  Alright at this point we know the item in index one is a stack of 2 bone chips
  Now we can decide to do something about it:
  /advloot personal/shared 1 leave
  That will click the leave button...
  /advloot personal/shared 1 ag
  That will click the ag checkbox
  And so on...
  Finally you can do
  /advloot shared set Eqmule 
  Or whatever other group member or Never or Leave on corpse or 
  any of all the other choices in the combobox for shared loot and it will set it...

This is all i could find in the changes.txt, but i believe it would be easier using these commadns than mucking about with manipulating windows and comboboxes.

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