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Question - Class Consume-ables (1 Viewer)

Feb 19, 2023
Is there a list that someone has made that lists all the classes and the consumable items they need to function? I have a new cleric and had no idea it needed emeralds til now, just wondering now if my other characters are missing something, here is list of what I know of:

Mage: Malachite & Pearls
Wizard: Peridots
Necro: Bone chips & Emeralds & Tiny jade inlaid coffins
Enchanter: Tiny daggers
Cleric: Emeralds
Jun 13, 2016
That list changes for some classes/spells over different levels. The answer at 125 will be much simpler than across all levels.
Additionally, some are consumed, some are not (just require one in inventory)

Level 125 Shd
  • Bone chips (consumed)
  • Pearl (Damage shield: Not consumed)
  • Tiny jade inlaid coffin (Corpse summon. Quantity consumed depends on spell/AA)

Level 50 Shd
  • Bone chips (Consumed)
  • Cat's Eye Agate (Consumed)
  • Jade inlaid coffin (Corpse summon. Consumed.)
Zerkers consume an axe for a certain ability - specific item changes each expansion (at least lately)
Question - Class Consume-ables

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