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Question - Can't make /copylayout work (syntax, Everquest in-game command) (1 Viewer)

Nov 28, 2013
Hi all,

I would apreciate if someone could help me, this is likely a trivial syntax problem, but I can't guess what I am doing wrong.

I have made a hotbutton on a toon that says:

/copylayout windowed UI_MyServer_MyToonName.ini

where MyServer and MyToonName are actual servername and toon name. I have copied the file name from the file Explorer, to ensure I have spelled the filename correctly.

It gives the feedback:
"copying layout from the file UI_MyServer_MyToonName.ini layout windowed over the current layout"

And then nothing happens.

I try "/reloadUI" to see if that is the issue, to no effect.

When I use the in game copy layout button, it copies the layout just fine.

A possible complication is that I am running ISBoxer + MQ2, ISB is in the "fake full screen mode", not sure what it is called, where it fills the entirety of the screen, but still allows for fast shifts between toon windows, other apps' windows, etc. However this does not present any issue for me when I use the copy layout button. When I use the copy layout button, I have to select the "windowed" version of the options in the copy layout button selection menu, for it to have an effect.

What I would like to do when I have made this work is to be able to eqbc-broadcast /copylayout to all my toons, so that the window placements of all my toons are identical to the toon that I drive with, (but of course with their own buttons etc).

If there is a MQ2 plugin that is really good at this, then I would likely prefer that :-). But I also want this to work, because I am a bit stubborn :-).
Jul 24, 2019
hey...ISBOXER normally only uses windowed mode...you have to really break it to use the Full screen mode. The reason it does this, is so it can do the fast swapping, maintain the aspect and hide the toolbar etc etc.

Now may I ask why you need to use a hotkey for what you are doing?

When you use the In game copy layout, and select the windowed mode it works fine right? Once you have done it for each toon, thats it..job done. Or are you for some reason always changing the layout of your screens?
Nov 28, 2013
I am using Windowed mode in ISB, so all is well there, I think...

I am, as you assume, very frequently changing the layout, I am trying to make a good setup that works, also when using the viewer-function in ISB to see what is happening on the other screens. Also, I have about 8 toons I play, so whenever I am playing, some of my layouts are always "out of order", even if it is only a minor change I have made. I have not even started with the custom UIs yet, and I do everything in increments, try it out, another small change, etc etc.

When I use the In game copy laout, and I select the windowed mode, everything is working just fine, so this functionality is working. I just can't get it to work with the in-game /copylayout command.
Nov 30, 2019
I start with /loadskin and I select sparkxx ui as my desired UI skin. Then I do the /copylayout and a window will pop up and I select the layout I want. If you are in the default UI and these commands are not working I would blow away all my config files and restart EQ then try again since if you put in a ticket they are gonna have to do the same so might as well get it out of the way. I had to do this not to long ago because I got a corrupt config file and its was wreaking havoc with my toon and crashing with MQ2. So, what I do now is after i get the issue resolved and have a clean config file I make backup copies and store then on my desktop in a folder. This way I dont have to re write the dozens of macros that I have.

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