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Problem - [Bug] Mq2AutoLogin - Repeatable crash / Not service affecting (1 Viewer)

Feb 18, 2024
Hi guys,

It appears if you open MQ2's auto login character config page and go to "Characters" - If you try to delete or change the last character in the list MQ crashes completely. At first I assumed an index out of range after deletion, so I made another Character called "zzz" so I could try to delete "xxx", but now both of these Characters are unable to be removed or edited.

I'm sure it's probably an INI file change so it's not a big deal, but figured y'all might want to know. (If anyone can point me to the file I'd be appreciative).


The launcher log file does not show anything new in response to the crash.
I 2024-03-13 07:21:14.673438 [MQ] Waiting for events... (C:\agent\_work\1\s\src\loader\MacroQuest.cpp:1296)

@JanTeix I'm guessing the data is in one of the binary files like settings.dat or metadata so messing around won't be as easy (or advised) as tweaking a standard config file would be.
Problem - [Bug] Mq2AutoLogin - Repeatable crash / Not service affecting

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