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Question - Buff Aliases (1 Viewer)

Mar 2, 2019
From what I have seen Alias thing may be the way to go
Alias for the buff name and the commands to follow, etc

you can create alias's in macroquest.ini then /bcga //aliasname


Rich (BB code):

/clickfellowship=/itemnotify "${FindItem[=Fellowship Registration Insignia]}" rightmouseup

/bcga //clickfellowship

/if (${ChatText.Find[go to campfire]}) /call GoToCampfire
/if (${ChatText.Find[campfire click]}) /call GoToCampfire

Sub GoToCampfire
/if (!${RDPause} && !${Me.Invis}) /call Cast "Fellowship Registration Insignia" item
/call AnnounceMessage "${ChatChannel}" 1 g "Clicking campfire port!"

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