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Question - Best way to detect if a "spell" is actually a discipline? (1 Viewer)

Sep 27, 2020
Looking for the best way to tell the difference between a spell and a discipline for a particular class. Normally I'd probably say mana vs endurance, but there's at least one case I'm aware of where the "spell" is treated as both, depending on the class: Paralyzing Earth. For an SK, it's available under the combat abilities as opposed to pure casters who have the spell. Most (all?) disciplines have spell data for them. Unfortunately, there isn't a comparable general TLO like AltAbility specifically for disciplines.

I'm looping through a bunch of data for some analysis. I'm not opposed to doing this with either raw or in-game spell data. And I realized there might not be a "best" for all spells/disciplines, but better to ask. Thoughts?


May 5, 2016
you can do something like ${Me.CombatAbility[blah]} vs ${Me.Book[blah]| to see where you have it

combatabilities aren't in your book, and vice versa

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