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Question - backups (1 Viewer)

Oct 7, 2015
complete reinstall, i assume the config files along with autologin

The whole folder is only 2.5GB (and that's mostly meshes!) Fits easily on a flash drive. Or cloud storage. Or external disk drive. Or locally shared networked drive.

Copy the whole Next folder. Install VV Patcher on new system. Point it to the EXACT same folder structure as old machine and run the update. (This is only tricky if you decide to create a different user name than the last install and you installed Next somewhere in your user folders!)

Don't start MQ just yet, and close the VV Patcher.

Copy everything from the flash drive over top of what you just installed via the patcher.

Now you can run the VV Patcher again and everything will be exactly the same as on your old machine.
May 14, 2020
Don't you have to export your autologin blob or something via the launcher?

I don't think it works just copying the ini file PC to PC because of encryption, maybe if you are formatting and using the same hardware again though?

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