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Question - Any basics for running monster missions? (1 Viewer)

Nov 14, 2022
Good day! My google-fu has been pretty weak here and almost any of the information that I'm finding on monster missions is pretty dated. I play almost exclusively on free trading servers, but, in today's game, no one runs these anymore for any of the twink items. People have just moved on to far more lucrative opportunities, even though I've seen people offering multiple Kronos for some of these items. So I'm planning to attempt running a few of them myself, but I'm hoping to learn some of the basics before spending any real time in them. Using Bayle Marks, it sounds as though it is possible to use mercenaries for, at least, some of these. Does anyone know if that will be true with *most*, if not all of them? Almost all of the twink items come from the level 70 versions. The artifact items look to scale down, so most of them would be pretty terrible for that purpose. Does anyone know how rare other versions are? There seems to be almost zero information for the Decorated Plate pieces, just as an example. Would those come from the level 70 version, too, in place of the artifacts, perhaps? So far as the mercenaries go, does anyone know if the apprentice level mercenaries would work any better than the actual player templates given for these missions? Finally, it would be well out of my scope to truly attempt to multi box any of these, but I'm wondering if very basic things, such as following, will work out-of-the-box here? Or are even these sorts of things going to require a serious amount of tinkering with on my part?
Not to be mean but please use paragraphs :) I could only get half way thru and I got lost.

I use mercs when I shroud which is a lot like monster missions but not. There are a lot of other missions/tasks that you can do at a lower level using shrouds to make it easier to get some rewards.

I just use plat for the merc and do not use bayle marks (unless I bought them on sale)

I sometimes have an alt hold extra coin and then pass it off to my character after they shroud or you could parcel yourself some coin, or make sure you have coin in the coin slots of your characters bank (not shared bank). Once your monstered then you can access the parcel merchant or bank and get the coin to pay for the merc.

This is a nice writeup to help you refresh
Question - Any basics for running monster missions?

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