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Question - Another grp makeup post (1 Viewer)

Sep 6, 2020
Just using CTWN plugins who would u add for longevity currently I have sk, shm, mage, chanter who should I add in last 2 spots I only want ctwn plugins so no bard till they launch one.... current max level on my server is voa (95) I want this grp to last till current max... appreciate the ideas, thanks!
Mar 26, 2011
My SK sometimes pulls In GD Restless Assualt missions damn cleric gets aggro
Gets whacked and SK kills off the 3-4 he pulled and just sits there lol I got use some damn rez tokens I got off damn POK vendor to finish the damn mission. Hate that errr like look up cleric dirt napping and I’m going this is why you don’t afk lol Almost really wonder if the SK could run the mission without the cleric at this point

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