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Question - Another box thread... (1 Viewer)

Oct 20, 2017
My box crew is as follows...

1. SK,
2. Clr,
3. Brd,
4. Rog,
5. Ber.

All are 115. Should I add 110 Bst, Smn, or Mag. My SK loves the Shm, but the Bst is appealing as well.
Aug 24, 2019
Drop the cleric, add shaman for main healing, then add another zerk /thread

Or if only going off the toons you have, still drop the cleric add shaman, and use beast

Clerics are not needed for group healing now days, and a melee group the shaman far outweighs a cleric


Only YOU can prevent forest fires !
Jul 3, 2018
Keep the cleric, rezzing in combat will save you more headaches for when your macros fail/freeze etc. Also the auras are great.
----Once your crew has alot of AA's and geared up, especially your Tank, swap out a shammy.

Once you have a Beastlord in your group, you will not ever wanna go back. The Swiss Army Knife can just fill in almost every gap.

Add the BL, and if you wanna use a 2nd zerker dump the rogue.

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