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Question - Account structure for subbing (1 Viewer)

Jan 25, 2020
So I’m trying to decide how to structure accounts and which ones to sub. Here are a few thoughts. I’d love yall input, keeping in mind potential suspensions or bans.

Option 1: 6 accounts with several toons on each one to make two different groups. Sub all accounts for the year ($700ish) and buy the LS F&F expansion ($250/account) to get all the claims, mounts, and heroic upgrade for an extra toon.

Option 2: have 12+ accounts to form my same two groups. Buy the expansion for each account but only buy the F&F for my main account, the rest would get the $40 version. I could sub all of them, sub just the main while leave the others ftp, or sub main and krono the others.

Thanks for your input.
Having 12 accounts with 1 character is my now preferred way. Though I understand why having 6 Gold accounts with 2 characters on each (following the example of 12) would make all 12 Gold for less price. But I would prefer to have access to 12 guys that can all help each other. They can meet and buff or run in for a wipe, or mini raid, etc. The other method, those teams can mix and match sure, but will never ever be more than 6, they have limited help to each other. I would say go Gold on the main team and ftp on the others, BUT...get everyone not on Main team the things they can still flourish with, an occasional Krono for max AA, Krono for Tank, Spell rank 2 AA unlocker from DB Store. Inexpensive way to keep team 2 in a great situation. Melee are gear based so they suffer from loss of prestige. But if you have simple DPS and casters group with Rank 2 unlocker... that ftp team can be badass.

Myself I only keep my main tank for main account Gold, as my cannot afford a lot, if you can..enjoy, but you know your income. You can always add more FTP teams as well to mix on and out anytime. So be it on live or EMU.. you're ok.
As far as the expansion goes think of this. Buy the cheap version for which ever accounts can play in it for now. To get through.

The expansion will be on sale come Sept/Oct before the next expansion is released. At that time you can upgrade to the premium versions and get the cool stuff. Its only 25% off but it will also allow what you paid now to be deducted from the cost of which version you buy then too and of course if your subbed on them there is the 10% additional discount.

Or if money is no problem, give me a call and I will walk you thru how to do this for a minimal consultation fee
With 37 accounts I only keep my main tank gold 100% of the time. My go to crew always gets subbed via krono to max AA's. I do purchase the rank II spell unlocker on my FTP main crew. I have only purchased LS on 8 accounts (I enjoy mixing up my main crew a bit). I do have an FTP tank with max AA that handles group content without an issue (this is for times when I want to use a toon on my main account that isn't a tank). I used to purchase the FnF for main but I realized I had too much junk that wasn't needed/wanted. When ToL becomes FTP I have a bit of a grind to get 26 toons from 115 to 120. That will keep me busy enough. All accounts get will be subbed via krono for AA purposes only. I just don't feel for my play style that I need to keep more than my tank subbed. If I raided with box crews that might be a different story. Play what is fun and play to have fun!
No matter what, keep in mind that you have to be prepared to lose any and all of your accounts at any time from the ban waves. If you do not want an account at risk for bans, don't use it and stash it away. As for the investment part on your end, there really is no good way to spend money on this game. Make sure you spend it like you don't need it in any fashion that you will. You'll be happier with that frame of mind.
It is hard to advise people because everybody has different needs and enjoys different things.

Personally, I think having 12 characters on 12 accounts is more helpful then having 6 with 2 characters on each. My tank is gold, the rest ftp and those guys get a Krono to max aa's. I buy standard expansions because I don't collect mounts, bags, etc. so no need for F&F versions. I think I bought Premium once for some illusion that ended up being utterly ugly.

I agree with Doc James. Whatever your decision is, be ready to lose some/all your accounts and start over if you catch some bans, and keep this in mind when you spend $.
Personally, I think having 12 characters on 12 accounts is more helpful then having 6 with 2 characters on each.

I ran in to this issue as well once I started to make a second group. There's a lot of nostalgia toons I wanted to bring up but they were on accounts with other useful toons and the sacrifice of losing that toon didn't seem worth it.

I abandoned that group when it came time to spend money when I realized I was still afraid of tov zones and maybe I should actually experience some higher content. Now I run gleefully through tov wondering why I was ever afraid! Lol. But also the thought of spending hundreds of dollars on things I may get burned out on once I get 110 didn't seem worth it.
I never pay more than one month at a time. I get a fair deal on Krono from a player not a dealer he has my 6 subs at the end of every month because I could be suspended or banned at any time too risky to pay more than a month at a time.

I gave away what I do I have the main 6 accounts with everything on them. Then I have my FTP raid group and my FTP dicking around guys. I actually bought a bunch of accounts after the ban. So the main 6 one month at a time with the $35 version of each upgrade. Unless there's a Merc I want.
Then the FTP guys ready to go in case you get banned. I bought a ton of Necros and Bards oddly.
Question - Account structure for subbing

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