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Discussion - 21st Anniversary Quests/Rewards (1 Viewer)

Jun 16, 2019
What’s up with these rewards? I’m trying to find any uses for either of them, and this is after they’ve increased the efficiency of said items.

This year we have:

1. Mom’s Love - as I understand it, a 24,000, SPA 55 rune that’s useable every 45 min. That’s equal to 1 mob hit in current content? Or even less than that some times.

2. Fancy Feast - a 11k avg, .3 sec cast heal on a 30 min cd. This is a joke right? Maybe if they added a 0 to the end of 11k then it might be useful.

Does anyone plan on doing these quests, or found any practical uses for them?
Aug 12, 2018
Other than for the /ach...........nope

Hoping they may change it but keep in mind these were PLAYER DESIGNED - I figure those players were in some other game 👾rather than EQ when these are min level 110 with those lame rewards

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