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Strategy - 120 Group - Field of Scale - Final Confrontation (1 Viewer)

Oct 15, 2010
I ran a group the following group: 120 WAR 39K AA, 120 BRD 43K AA, 120 CLR 42K, 120 SHM 50K AA, 120 ROG 43K AA with CoV raid daggers and 120 BER 41K AA with CoV Raid weapon. I use RGmerc on Bard and CWTN plugins on rest. All are T3 TOL group geared.

For this raid, you need to defend dragons from Iksars. I run War and he is set as MA. Everyone is set to chase and mez is turned off on Bard. I then just run group to the dragon to be defended.

At each dragon, you will have bunch of Iksar march towards the dragon, they not attackable until close to the dragon you defending. The Dragons have mobs that protect them hence turning off mez otherwise you can agro them. As the Iksars march in, I target
and turn on attack so that he dies as soon as he is killable. Then I target the other Iksar because they do not auto agro on death of the Captain. Target the Augmented Iksar first, since they do more damage. Just cycle through the target window for iksar to kill. If for some reason you agro the Dragons and their protectors, do not kill they should deagro over time.

The reason to do this raid:

Bridle of the Flying Imperial Sokokar

This is a flying mount.


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Jun 27, 2020
Simple write up, but it will definitely get the job done. Focus those augmented down quick and everything else is trivial. With modern dps, everything just melts. Unlocking this raid is harder than actually completing the event.

Totally worth it even if only to get a fast mount for your alts. I soloed it several times at 110 as a ranger. (Near max TBL geared at the time, just for reference)

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