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Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers)

Vanilla Very Vanilla MQ2 (Live Servers) 20190918

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Feb 20 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (plure) Made it so /autoloot sell/buy/deposit/barter will still work when the plugin's looting functionality has been turned off

Feb 20 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for LIVE
Feb 15 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
Feb 14 2019 by SwiftyMUSE & EqMule
- MQ2ItemDisplay fixes:
Crash bug for ${DisplayItem} and fix to handle display of links via raid/group/tells.
Feb 13 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (plure) will now use greed instead of need. Fixed 5 loot bugs, latest tests with @dreamflux show no issues.
- MQ2TributeManager (wired420) Now works correctly even after reload.

Feb 13 2019 by EqMule
- Updated for TEST
- Updated for LIVE
- Fixed a couple bugs.
Feb 08 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (s0rcier) added tbl zerker disc - from saar's input! thanks
fix 2 hand bash on test/live

Feb 08 2019 by EqMule
- Added /convertitem to mq2itemdisplay
- Example: /convertitem Wishing Lamp:
Feb 5 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Melee (s0rcier) down/holyflag=3 parse when no macro running. increase down/holy shits to 90. stickmode=2 (disable sticking)
Updated Immobile flags to return false for a litte after being summoned
- MQ2Rez (s0rcier) Added missing command to be executed when you got rezzed! removed rezz sickness check
- MQ2IniX (s0rcier) For macro authors. Writes Key=Value to [Section] of FileName

Feb 05 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a bug in /unload
- Misc Stability fixes all over the place.
- Fixed a nasty stack overflow crash in mq2log
Jan 31 2019 by RedGuides
- kissassist1004e15 (eqmule) updated with tweaks to pulling & casting
- Ninjadvloot (eqmule) Added code to respect the user's advloot settings
- MQ2Radar (ChatWithThisName) Added option to change map layer
Jan 31 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2AutoLoot (plure) Fixed several crashes related to /AutoLoot sell.
- MQ2Events (eqmule) Fixed a crash
- KissAssist (ctaylor22, Maskoi) Fix for PullMoveUse not getting set and Chase throwing errors when MQ2Navigation Not loaded.
Fix for the tanks that sat around camp after death, additional debug code and minor fixes.
- MQ2TributeManager (wired420) Saves info to ServerName_CharacterName.ini in main MQ\Release directory under heading [MQ2TributeManager].
Jan 21 2019 by RedGuides
- MQ2Spawnmaster (ChatWithThisName) Updated the .ini to reduce user error when setting a spawn alert.

Jan 21 2019 by EqMule
- Dump file directory will now be created if it doesn't exist
this fixes the bug where you see a crash dialog that just say "Dump saved to"
- Added a lock on tlo member and tlo method access so the maps used there wont get corrupted by plugin that use threads to query or change members.
- The above change should fix a couple crashes i have gotten dumps for.
- I spent most of the day looking at crash dumps, I made several adjustments and fixes.
Thanks to everyone that sent in dumps, please don't send anymore until u have updated.
Jan 19 2019 by RedGuides
MQ2AutoLoot (plure) - fixed a crash related to the loot struct change from late last year. Fixed a crash while passing out loot.

Jan 19 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a crash in Find Item Window when character had more than 1000 items.
- Fixed a bug where turning off Find Item Window Checkboxes setting would not save properly.
Jan 18 2019 by RedGuides
MQ2AFNuke & MQ2Heals (Jimbob) Updated for some TBL spells, still have some TBL work to do though.

Jan 18 2019 by EqMule
- Fixed a crash when switching character.
- Added some code to catch crashes.
I guess I'll find out if it works once people report if they see the dialog.
It will save dump files as well. send those to [email protected]