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Unmaintained Tribute Mac - Bazaar Tribute Finder 0.2

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Bazaar Tribute Finder updated 2/5

I resurrected this macro. It was originally posted here http://www.macroquest2.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=14725 in the public mq2 macro depo. Seeing as it originated there, I also posted my fixed version there as well, minus the parcel support, that is just for Redguides.

The macro will scan through the bazaar and scan all the items for tribute items that fit the max price, and ratio that you set, and if you chose to, it can also automatically buy the items via the parcel system. Parcels add 10% to all purchases, so take this into account when you set your ratio.


/mac tribute Ratio MaxPrice Auto/INI Number_of_items_to_buy

Ratio - Number of tribute per plat. Higher the better.
MaxPrice - Max price you are willing to spend on an item.
Auto - Auto mode will buy the items and parcel them to you with out any user interaction. As with any automation involving plat, it's best to only have as much on your character that you are willing to spend on tribute items.
INI - INI mode will scan the whole bazaar and dump all the information into an ini files in your macro folder called Tribute-CurrentDate.ini
Number_of_items_to_buy - Used only with auto mode, this will tell the macro how many items to buy before stopping.


/mac tribute 4 100 Auto 5 will buy 5 items that give 4 tribute per plat with a max price of 100 plat, and have them sent via parcel.

/mac tribute 5 1000 Ini will scan through the whole bazaar and output every item it finds that is worth 5 tribute for every 1 plat, with a max price of 100 into an ini file in your macro folder called Tribute-CurrentDate.ini
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