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Trial of Three decoder

Trial of Three decoder 1.6

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2019 ESA Winner
Trial of Three decryption by Joojoobee Version 1.6


>> 1.5 & 1.6 Minor typos, including one that causes some crashes.
>> 1.4 Fixes to Spawn calls to ensure only NPCs are called.

>> 1.3 Multiple edits to change from arrays to hard variables. Fixes to timing.
>> 1.2 Important changes to the positioning of where the group is to run. I had some X & Y coordinate mixups, and some situations had a Boss hovering in a position I had not anticipated. So if you were seeing issues where a Boss was not found (NULL) or it's trying to run at the end to 0.00 0.00 -80... this should be the fix.

This routine is run on any group with a caster that can use group invisibility.

Instructions and use:
  • Position entire group for the first run of the trial in front of the Waves of Saffron Sky quest giver for the Trial of the Three.
    • Make sure all your other characters are buffed, ready, and their scripts active.
  • Run the script on the quest starter by typing /mac trialofthree
    • The script will target the quest giver, uninvis if invisible, and will state the quest start statements.
    • Once the script starts, the script will wait for the mobs to appear, and the quest giver to give the clues
    • The script will decode the clues based on weapon type, mob size, position in the room, etc., and will then "announce" the answer to the group
      • I recommend creating a chat window that is ONLY for group chat (create a new window and assign it ONLY the group channel filter)
      • This will give you access to the mob order assuming the group is not too chatty. Write it down ASAP.
        • My personal version of the script sends the information to the other bots for access after each mob is killed in a variable for which I then have hotbuttons to click...
        • But that's too much customization for me to provide for every bot script... so you are on your own here.
  • Once clues decoded and sent to the group, the script will then issue an "invis all" command via /alt act 1210
  • The script will then run the group to the correct first room.
  • IMPORTANT!!! DON'T forget to start the fight on your quest initiator.
    • I strongly recommend you DO NOT use the main tank as the initiator since you want the tank ready to start immediately when positioned-- as some scripts take a while to "boot" up.
      • I use a wizzie to start the Trial, who I start up ASAP after the fight is going. You can do that manually or...
        • There is a command line @~line 222 that reads: ICODE]/mac ${Title_of_Next_Script_to_Start}[/ICODE]. This can start up your wizzie
          • To add your startup script edit this @~line 73 [: /declare Title_of_Next_Script_to_Start string outer Eoknuke
        • So either delete that line 222 or add your own script start name... If you don't delete the line, or don't change the Title_of_Next_Script_to_Start, don't worry trialofthree will just end and you can start your own fight bot mac manually.
  • Start the fight at your leisure--but remember you will get booted from the trial if you don't start within 1 minute!!
  • After the first fight is over, look in your group chat or your hastily written notes for the next mob. Run to that room, start the fight, etc.

If anyone finds any errors in the decoding logic, let me know... I have run this Trial several times now and it's been right each time...

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Latest updates

  1. Another mino type to fix Spawn

    Fixed a weird typo... no idea how that got in there.
  2. 1.5 minor typo

    fixed minor typo
  3. fixes to look only for NPC spawn names...

    >> 1.4 Fixes to Spawn calls to ensure only NPCs are called.

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