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Utility TBMArmor.mac 1.1

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I am leveling up a small crew right now and I wanted to use TBM armor to easily gear them up along the way. The only problem is that that's a _lot_ of augment clicking and junk. Thankfully, eqmule has added some utility to MQ2 so that this can be automated! This macro will check all equipped slots for type 9 and type 5 slots, remove (and subsequently sell) any underleveled augs, then buy and then insert all of the appropriate leveled augs. I used https://www.almarsguides.com/eq/quests/TBM/GroupGear/ to determine the best default types per class, but there is an ini (TBMArmor.ini) you can use to change this. Here is a sample:

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The General section is a bunch of booleans (that default to true if unset) to determine which parts to do. The first three are the sets of equipment to check (vis/nonvis/weapons) and the second two are merchant options. Then there are sections per class that determine the default 9 and 5 types, and what level it was last checked. If you want to override this, be sure to set your character's current level under the class section before running it. It automatically determines the appropriate level of aug and detects the correct weapon/shield/ranged augs to use. The ini is automatically generated, so no need to make one if you don't care about the defaults.
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