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Quest / Event TBM Progression - Into The Temple (a) 1.2

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Other Authors
earykee - for run.mac (used running from place to place code),, added quest in
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  1. Live
Runs you from POK/GL/Sunrise Hills, your Modest Guild Hall to Quellious and gets the 1st TBM quest, then runs to the Mayor in Demi of life and finished the quest.

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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Updated for 2022

    Add in travelto(s) Removed a bunch of nav locs
  2. Update NAVs for zones..

    Runs better? to the mayor and says the words ..and finishes the quest.. part 1 of the doing the...

Latest reviews

Worked Great! Easiest quest I never did. :)
Worked a treat :)