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Sit Spam Macro (Useful for DS pling)

Utility Sit Spam Macro (Useful for DS pling) 1.0

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Useful in saving your finger the trouble of spamming Sit over and over when DS PLing.
I'm sure there's something similar or the same around. I just personally couldn't find it.

Sit.mac Info:
Very basic. Go pull a train, throw out your aggro generators, have your DS on and type /mac sit . Will spam sit with no regard to how many HP you have.

SitAdv.Mac Info:
*Thanks to LamaHerder!*
More advanced. Will spam sit when in combat, unless you fall bellow 60% HP (or whatever you want to set it to)
-To change HP % change the "PctHPs}>60" to whatever % you prefer.

Sit.mac :
Rich (BB code):
Sub Main
    /if (!${Me.Sitting}&&!${Me.Casting}&&!${Me.Moving}) {
      /sit on
    /delay 1
  /goto :mainloop


Rich (BB code):
/if ( ${Me.PctHPs}>60 && ${Me.Standing} && !${Me.SpellInCooldown} && !${Me.Moving} ) /sit
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