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Work in Progress Settings And You: A Guide To Adjusting Your EQ Settings To Minimize CPU/Memory Usage

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There is currently a ton of useful information out there on what to do to decrease your CPU/Memory usage on your computer, but this guide is intended to help put all of that information into one place.

MQ2 Plugins that Help:
- This plugin is paid, but it is worth every penny in my opinion. This plugin massively decreases your CPU usage by not even drawing any background boxes. This allows your boxes to still run at full speed for macros/plugins, but minimizes their CPU use.
MQ2FPS - This plugin is an FPS limiter. You can adjust the foreground and background separately. There is plenty of info on here about this plugin, but the down and dirty is to avoid dropping your background FPS below about 20-25. If you do, you will see performance decreases from your boxes running macros.

EQClient Settings:
The eqclient.ini is found in the base Everquest folder. All of the below are adjustments you need to make in there.
CPU Affinity: The biggest adjustment that you must make before you start boxing is to open up your eqclient.ini in the Everquest folder and adjust your CPU Affinity to -1 for every box you plan on running. The numbers start at 0 and increase from there. For example, if you are running 6 boxes, you will need CPUAffinity0 through CPUAffinity5. If you have 12, then you need to go to CPUAffinity11. You get the point. Otherwise, EQ will assign each box to a CPU Core and never adjust. Setting it to -1 allows your computer to adjust EQ around to different cores as needed and massively boosts your performance.
Example: CPUAffinity0=-1
Stick Figures: For those of you who don't care about what your characters look like, a huge performance increase is to turn on stick figures. This is as simple as adding stickfigures=1 to the INI.

In Game Options:
There are a lot of adjustments you can make in game to adjust your settings. These can all be adjusted in the eqclient.ini in the Everquest folder, but it is easier to adjust in game.
There is a useful macro you can run that will adjust a lot of this for you: https://www.redguides.com/community...timization-hotbuttons-settings-low-mem.52073/
Placeholder for all of the settings.

Game Launcher Settings:
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