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Unmaintained SendPlat.mac 1.0

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I got sick of doing this over and over, so I hacked together a macro. It's super dirty, but it works.
This will send all your plat to the character you define in 2,000,000pp chunks.

1) You want to send ALL your plat to your Main/Mule toon
2) You are in a guild hall with Parcel Delivery Liaison in range

1) Download to your MQ2/Macros folder
2) Replace YourToonHere with your Main/Mule toon
3) Save
4) In guild hall stand in front of the Parcel Liaison and type: /mac SendPlat

Rich (BB code):
#turbo 80
Sub Main
	/declare PlatToon	string	outer 	YourToonHere
	/if (${Me.Name.Equal[${PlatToon}]}) {
		/echo You cannot send plat to yourself!
	|----- Parcel PLAT ------|
	/if (!${Me.Platinum}> 0) {
		/echo You have no plat!

	/target npc Parcel
	/delay 1s
	/click right target
        /delay 10s ${Window[MerchantWnd].Open}
		/echo Sending Plat to ${PlatToon}
		/call SendPlat
	/if (${Me.Platinum}> 0) {
		/echo Waiting 5 seconds...
		/delay 5s
		/goto :MainLoop

/echo Plat Sent!
/delay 1s
/notify MerchantWnd MW_Done_Button leftmouseup


Sub SendPlat
	/notify InventoryWindow IW_Money0 leftmouseup
	/delay 5
	/notify QuantityWnd QTYW_Slider newvalue 2000000
	/delay 5
	/notify QuantityWnd QTYW_Accept_Button leftmouseup
	/delay 5
	/notify SendMoneyWnd SMW_MyMoney0 leftmouseup
	/delay 5
	/notify SendMoneyWnd SMW_Deposit_Button leftmouseup
	/delay 5
	/notify MerchantWnd MW_Send_To_Edit leftmouseup
	/delay 5
	/call ClearChat
	/call TypeIn "${PlatToon}"
	/delay 5
	/notify MerchantWnd MW_Send_Button leftmouseup

Sub TypeIn(InStr) 
	/declare char string local 
	/declare loopctr int local 
	/for loopctr 1 to ${InStr.Length} 
		/varset char ${InStr.Mid[${loopctr},1]} 
		/if (!${char.Length}) { 
			/nomodkey /keypress Space chat 
		} else { 
			/if (${char.Left[1].Equal[(]}) /return
			/if (${char.Left[1].Equal[)]}) /return
			/nomodkey /keypress ${char} chat 
	/next loopctr 
Sub ClearChat
		/ctrlkey /shiftkey /keypress home chat
		/delay 5
		/ctrlkey /shiftkey /keypress delete chat
		/delay 5
		/if (${Window[MerchantWnd].Child[MW_Send_To_Edit].Text.Length}>0) /goto :Try1
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