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Utility RezzMyRaid 0.1

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as I am boxing 24 chars and wipe very often (I am a noob...) I have made a small rezz macro for a cleric with his epic.
But can be easily adjusted for a spell. As I am on Progression Server the Cleric epic was the best I could use.

If you like it you can use it... tips for enhancements welcome

Rich (BB code):
| RezzMyRaid Ver 0.1
| This is the first version of a macro that summons and rezzes all corpses nearby
| If corpses are to far away to summon or you don't have consent they will not be rezzed
| The macro will hang forever if the nearest corpse  cannot be ressed...
| so make sure you have your /rez accept on for all chars :) and dragged them in range
| On the other hand you have time to get the next corpse with your Rogue :)

Sub Main
    /declare Ver                string          outer   0.1
    /declare ResSpell           string          outer   "Reviviscence"
    /declare MyTargetID         int                 outer       0
    /echo I am a ${Me.Class.Name}
    /echo I am ${Me.Name}
    /if (!${Select[${Me.Class.Name},Cleric]}>=1) {
        /echo You need to be a cleric

            /tar pccorpse
            /delay 10
            /delay 10
            /call RezzCorpse
         /goto :startrezz


Sub RezzCorpse
      /varset MyTargetID ${Target.ID}
      /if (${Spawn[${MyTargetID}].Type.Equal[Corpse]}) {
                /if (${Target.Distance}<50) {
                        /echo Ressing ${Target.Name}
                        /cast item "Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh"  
                        /delay 200
                } else {
                    /echo Corpse ${Target.Name} to far away... cannot do anything
                    /delay 100
            } else {
            /echo No valid corpses found ending!
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