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Find an item on all chars on all bags ?

Find an item on all chars on all bags ? 1.0

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Hi all,

don't know if thats of interest for you... but you might have had the following problem:
you don't know who has that spell you looted yesterday and where is it?

The macro I use has the following Syntax:

eqt_find <itemtosearch> [pickup]

If pickup is 1 then the char will try to place one of these items on his cursor
The macro will search in any bags (only tested on Progression Server with 8 bag slots)

If you are standing at the bank and have all your bank bags open too then it will search in bank too.

I very often use it with eqbcs like:
/bcaa eqt_find "Spell: Chloroplast"

then each char that has the spell in his bag will report how many he has.
But before you can use it with bct you must Change the masters name in var myMaster.

Tips on making this macro better are welcome
(just found out it Needs a check if the bag slot item is really a bag... need to work on that later... I do a right click on all bag slots)

Hope it helps ... it does for me as I am chaotic in bank and bags :)

Rich (BB code):
Sub Main
    /declare myMaster string outer "MyMaster"
    /declare i int 1
    /for i 1 to 8
        /itemnotify pack${i} rightmouseup
    /next i
    /echo Search for item   : ${Param0}
    /if (${FindItemBank[${Param0}].InvSlot}) {
            /echo Found in Bankslot : ${FindItemBank[${Param0}].InvSlot}
            /echo How often         : ${FindItemBankCount[${Param0}]}
    /if (${FindItem[${Param0}].InvSlot}) {
            /echo             Found in Inventory: ${FindItem[${Param0}].InvSlot}
            /echo             How often         : ${FindItemCount[${Param0}]}
            /delay 10
            /bct ${myMaster} Found in Inventory: ${FindItemCount[${Param0}]}

  /if (${Param1}) {
            /if    (${FindItemBank[${Param0}].InvSlot}) {
                    /echo Trying to pick up
                    /Ctrlkey /itemnotify ${FindItemBank[${Param0}].InvSlot} leftmouseup
    /for i 1 to 8
        /itemnotify pack${i} rightmouseup
    /next i

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