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Overseer Automation

Overseer Automation 1.9

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  • No longer outputs 'Waiting For...' 3-4 times per conversion quest
    • Output occurs only if quest goes longer than 10 seconds
  • Uses [Auto-Fill] Button for faster quest agent selection
    • This can be overridden with configuration flag:
    • General\useLegacyAgentSelection = 0
  • Conversion quests still use previous logic
    • This is due to [Auto-Fill] using any agents that exist and has no "Keep 1 or 2 of each" type of logic
- reverting to 1.7 as the overseer.lua was accidentally uploaded to the overseer.mac resource (sic)
Posted by: Sic
* Allow Conversion quests when 5 active quests already exist
  • Preview window closes after Overseer run

for Insane_pawn, I'll look at keeping reward window open if quests rewards were accepted but not claimed.
All 3 changes below are opt-in and by default should have no change to the behavior.
All appropriate configuration entries and defaults will be set on the first run.

Select Quests with highest Exp or MercExp rewards
General > questSelectionType
Possible values are:
  • Priority - existing mechanism. Uses [QuestPriority] section
  • Exp - Selects quests with the highest character experience rewards first
    • Requires MQ2Next
  • MercExp - Selects quests with the highest mercenary experience rewards first
    • Requires MQ2Next
General > minimumQuestExperience (default "0.0")
  • Only valid when questSelectionType is "Exp" or "MercExp"
  • Will only start quests that reward the specified amount or more of character or mercenary experience.
Restart Macro based on Quest Rotation
General > monitorQuestRotation (default: 0)

By default the macro kicks off when the first quest duration has expired.
This new flag will kick off when quests have been rotated, if sooner.
One example valid case for its use is when set to only claim quests with Exp of 2.0%+ (for example). May decide to wait 6 hours for next quest rotation rather than lock up quests that only give 0.5% for 24 hours.

Only Specify Desired Priorities

This change allows only those priorities desired to be specified.
i.e. Priorities=Types|Rarities

This can dramatically speed up the quest selection process by not having to factor in undesired filters.
  • Remove mercenary management
    • Mercenary will never automatically un/suspend.

Recent EQ patch modified Mercenaries to always receive exp, even when suspended.
  • Added Addition of new 'Easy' Type
    • One-time update of certain INI files to add type
      • See below for limitations
Also discussed at: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/overseer-automation.72290/post-485269

Overseer now has an additional difficulty 'Easy', added to Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Elite.

To correct, Easy type must be added to your INI file.
This update will do this automatically, one-time, if the priorities still match the original default:

After running, it will become:

While this could have been added to all configurations which were not "Rarities=Any", the concern was impacting users who only wanted higher-tier quests (i.e. "Rarities=Elite")
  • Updated Agent Counts per 7/2021 patch

  • Counts can be manually validated with the following command
    • /mac overseer countAgents
  • Counting will fail when total agent count is more than approximately 250-300
Corrected 2 issues with past macro (bad file upload)