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Overseer Automation

Overseer Automation 1.13

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Live, Test Server
The attached macro will completely automate Overseer for a given character:
  1. Claim any completed quests
  2. Accept rewards in rewards window. If reward type is MercAA or Exp, unpack mercenary and repack when done
  3. Run any upgrade common, uncommon, rare quests using only duplicate agents.
  4. Run any available Recruit missions
  5. Run any available quests in order specified in [QuestOrder] ini section
  6. Optionally wait until next quest is ready and restart.
Note #1: Due to limitations with MQ2 itself, the reward-claiming system will not work 100% if you have other, non-Overseer rewards banked. MQ2 doesn't support navigating tabs in the Reward window.

Note #2: If the tutorial hasn't been run for the character yet, execute /macro overseer runTutorial to have the macro do this part.

Macro has the option of running with GLOBAL or Character settings. By default it runs for all characters. Overseer_[CharName].ini

If a file exists: Overseer.ini with the following flag, it will work out of that config for all characters.
Sample INI
Default INI is generated if one does not exist.
requireMercToClaimExpRewards = 0



1=Overseer Tetradrachm
2=Character Experience
3=Mercenary Experience

  • General:
    • claimRewards: if 0, will leave pending Ctrl+Rewards. If 1, will try to claim per [Rewards] section below.
      • NOTE: Not working correctly now. Default is 0. Please set to 0 unless it's use is clearly understood.
    • repeatTimeInMinutes: If 0, will not restart. If -1, will restart when next quest is ready. If > 0, will just repeat every specified amount of minutes
    • requireMercToClaimExpRewards: If 0, inability to unpack mercenary for "Character Experience" rewards will not prevent claiming reward. If 1, it will.
    • minimumSuccessPercent: If 0 (default), no restrictions exist. If > 0, only quests with success % greater than or equal to this value will be allowed to run.
      • Level-specific may be specified (minimumSuccessPercent_Elite) which, if exists, will override the general amount.
      • "Recruit Xxxx" quests are excluded from this minimum success check
  • QuestPriority: Specifies order to run quests, based on Level and Time Duration. Will attempt to run them in the order specified
  • QuestPriority_Unsubscribed: Same as QuestPriority above but used when the account is not Gold.
  • Rewards: NOTE CURRENTLY NOT WORKING CORRECTLY. Will try to claim rewards in the order, and only those specified.
Quest Priorities
Using this example:
  1. Level 5 6h Elite Military
  2. Level 5 6h Elite Stealth
  3. Level 5 6h Rare Military
  4. Level 5 6h Rare Stealth
  5. Level 5 12h Elite Military
  6. ...
However this can be reordered by changing Priorities or other. For example
  1. 6h Elite Military Level 5
  2. 6h Elite Military Level 4
  3. 12h Elite Military Level 5
  4. 12h Elite Military Level 4
  5. ...
Indicating "Any" or "0" for Levels removes it from prioritization

If "Character Experience" reward being claimed, the macro will attempt to unpack a mercenary, if one is not already out, placing it in /passive stance.
If the macro did the unpacking, it will be suspended when the reward claiming is complete.
If a mercenary cannot, due to timer, group size, or not having a mercenary, it will not prevent the claiming of the exp reward unless "requireMercToClaimExpRewards" is set to 1

There is an optional parameter to just run specific portions of the macro:
/mac overseer [param]
  • countAgents - determines how many of each agent type you currently have and outputs
  • runTutorial - Runs a character through the Overseer tutorial
  • generalList - Does Not Run Quests. Determines order and success% of quests that would run. Due to agent selection, can take some time (several minutes).
  • generalListFast - Does Not Run Quests. Determines order of quests that would run. No agent selection attempted, success assumed.

  • Make reward selection work properly
  • Allow specification of different QuestOrder section to easily toggle between "Choose fast first" or "Choose long first" situations.
  • Flag to allow waiting if Quest List is rotating in near future (i.e. < 1 hour)
  • Do not initiate a cycle if actively rotating ("Rotate in: Rotating Current Quests...") or < X min (default 10?) to next rotation. Rotate during cycle can be problematic.
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Last update
5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

Latest updates

  1. 1.13

    Correct issue with Level priority
  2. 1.12

    Allow prioritization of level (i.e. "Level 2") Values: "0" - do not consider level. As it...
  3. 1.11

    (Bug Fix) Validate agent status before cycling quests. Should work-around an EQ laggy update...

Latest reviews

Great Macro
Love this macro! Thanks for making this
Worked great right out of the box.
I dont like overseer very much, but have the feeling, that I have to do altleast some recruiting, to get the agents. In any future there might be the need to use it, if there are added more appealing rewards.
This does all I want right out of the box, w/o any tweaking and allows me carelessly to get the recruiting done.
I just launch it once after login and once more b4 logging out. Well done.
I dont understand how overseer works, but i dont have to with this! it just worked.
Thanks for being the time saver.
Wonderful macro, I currently have around 25 accounts and am looking to grow and this macro is a godsend. Currently use it to keep xp topped up at 99.99% for any that are capped in fellowship or to level a bit when doing aas. Other than that I use the auto claim reward for Rain of Fear so I can get befouled silk for bags. Anything else goes on tetradrachm. Really glad to see it included to update through the launcher too.