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Overseer Automation

Overseer Automation 1.9

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I love this so much! Thank you it is amazing!
This is golden when running 6+ toons at once. Thank you for the great macro!
Love it
Does what you need, right out of the can. Great macro!
My favorite plugin, I had to renew review, do you lose your previous post after you account goes down to level 1 access?
Thank you!
Works exactly as I expected, no issues at all.
Kool it works just fine thanks!
Wow! this is a masterpiece.

Thankyou so much :)
Wonderful macro does it faster than I could and way more fun watching tv than overseeing....
Works great. programed to do a better job than I could
love it, makes overseering a lot of characters nice and easy
I sat down at my computer with a salad for lunch. Login took 1:54 (one minute 54 seconds), Overseer on 4 accounts took 5:04 while I ate. I finished my salad while I choose the rewards...This is one of my top rated "Quality of Life" programs that I use.
Oh my god, finally. Was hoping for a macro like that :)
Great work here. Thank you for your time on this.
Speechless, this this is solid gold!
Runs this side card game circus very well, better than I can because I hate it and do not wish to learn.
Overseer is terrible and I don’t understand it at all... with this amazing macro- I don’t have to! This thing is just an incredible timesaver and it works perfectly (I assume- cause of the whole not understanding overseer thing...)
Splendid. Just Splendid!