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NukeMe! Auto Self Nuke

Unmaintained NukeMe! Auto Self Nuke 1.0

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  2. Emu
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Please test this out and let me know how it goes!

Rich (BB code):
| Macro:    NukeMe.mac
| By:        BlankStare ~ Thanks to all RG for providing Macros to help me learn!
| Modified:    2015/9/16
| This macro will nuke yourself with your desired spell
| It triggers when your life is above 65%
| If you are below 90% mana it will have you sit to med

Sub Main
/declare DD string outer

|***** Change this to your self DD spell *****|
    /varset DD Shock of Swords
/echo Welcome to NukeMe!
/delay 11
/echo Today we will be nuking yourself with ${DD}.
/delay 11
/echo Enjoy! :)

|/echo loop
  /delay 7
  /if (${Me.PctHPs} >= 65) /call nuke
  /if (${Me.Standing} && ${Me.PctMana} <=90) {
|    /echo Sitting!
  /goto :loop

Sub nuke
|/echo nuke
|/echo nukeloop
  /target ${Me}
|  /echo Casting ${DD}
  /casting "${DD}"
  /delay 77
First release
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