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Alcohol Tolerance Macro by BlankStare

Unmaintained Alcohol Tolerance Macro by BlankStare 1.1

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Other Authors
Bror, Maskoi
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server
Since EQ is consuming double alcohols, the current alctol macros do not function. I made modifications to only purchase and consume 1 at a time.
I did not write this myself, and I piped out things that I am skipping. I'm running it currently and it's working. ;)

Name it whatever you want, alctolnew, alctoleqbug, whatever. Just don't replace your current alctol macros since they will be more useful once EQ corrects their mistake.
Rich (BB code):
| alctol.mac
| Takes you to 200 Alcohol Tolerance
| Version 1.1
| Date: 11-02-2010
| By Bror
| Updated by Maskoi
| Modified by BlankStare for error with alcohol clicking, so we're doing 1 at a time now
| 2015-09-02

| MerchantName is the name of the merchant that sells your booze
| MaxWanted is where you want to stop: Default is 450
| Booze is the alcohol you want to buy: Default is ALE
| Requirements:
| Slot 8 in your inventory must be empty
| Must be standing next to the merchant you buying alcohol from/

#event Explode "#*#If you consumed any more drink you would explode#*#"
#event Explode "#*#You could not possibly drink any more, you would explode#*#"
#event TooDrunk "#*#You could not possibly consume more alcohol or become more intoxicated#*#"
#event SkillUp  "#*#You have become better at Alcohol Tolerance#*#"

Sub Main
    /declare OldSkill int outer ${Me.Skill[Alcohol Tolerance]}
    /declare MaxWanted int outer
    /declare MerchantName string outer i
    /declare Booze string outer
    /declare Amount        int     outer
    /declare DrinkCounter int outer
    /declare MaxTime int outer

| ***********************************************
| *   Change these settings if you want.        *
| ***********************************************

        /varset MerchantName Maula Fishcatcher
        /varset Booze Fish Wine
        /varset MaxWanted 275

/echo Alcohol Tolerance is at ${Me.Skill[Alcohol Tolerance]}
        /call BuyBooze
        /call Drink
        /call MaxSkill
    /goto :Start

| ***********************************************
| Buy Booze                                     *
| ***********************************************
sub BuyBooze
    /if (${FindItemCount[${Booze}]} > 0) /return
    /echo Time to buy more booze
    /target ${MerchantName}
    /delay 1s
    /click right target
    /delay 1s
    /call Buy "${Booze}"
|    /keypress esc
    /delay 1s   

| ***********************************************
| Sub Drink                                      *
| ***********************************************
sub Drink

    /for DrinkCounter 1 to 2
        /itemnotify pack8 rightmouseup
        /delay 1s
    /next DrinkCounter


| ***********************************************
| SUB event too much drink                      *
| ***********************************************

Sub Event_Explode
    /echo Too full, Waiting 30 seconds.
        /delay ${WaitSober}
    /varcalc DrinkCounter ${DrinkCounter}-1

| ***********************************************
| SUB event too drunk                           *
| ***********************************************

Sub Event_TooDrunk
    /declare WaitSober string local ${Math.Calc[30+${Math.Rand[30]}]}s
    /echo Too Drunk, Waiting ${WaitSober} seconds.
    /delay ${WaitSober}
    /varcalc DrinkCounter ${DrinkCounter}-1


| ***********************************************
| SUB event skillup                             *
| ***********************************************

Sub Event_SkillUp
    /varcalc MaxTime ${MaxWanted}-${Me.Skill[Alcohol Tolerance]}
    /echo Alcohol Tolerance increased >> ${Me.Skill[Alcohol Tolerance]} <<
    /delay 5

| ***********************************************
| SUB Max skill check                            *
| ***********************************************

sub MaxSkill
    /if (${Me.Skill[Alcohol Tolerance]}>=${MaxWanted}) {
        /echo Alcohol Tolerance is at or greater than ${MaxWanted}. Quiting!
|        /camp

| ***********************************************
| Sub Buy                                        *
| ***********************************************

Sub Buy(string ItemToBuy)
|    /declare i int local
    /echo Buying ${ItemToBuy}!
    /declare QTY int local
    /declare ListItem int local
    /varset QTY ${Math.Calc[${amount}-${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]}]}
    /delay 1s
    /if (${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]}>= 1) {
        /echo Done!
    /varset ListItem ${Window[MerchantWnd].Child[ItemList].List[=${ItemToBuy},2]}
    /if (!${ListItem}) {
        /echo couldn't find ${ItemToBuy}
    } else {
        /notify MerchantWnd ItemList listselect ${ListItem}
        /delay 1s      

|    /if (${QTY}>1) {
    |    /if (${QTY}>19) {
    |        /Shiftkey /notify merchantwnd MW_buy_Button leftmouseup
    |        /delay 30s ${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]}>=${amount}
    |        /echo ${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]} ${ItemToBuy} in inventory
    |        /varset QTY ${Math.Calc[${amount}-${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]}]}
    |        /delay 3
    |        /if (${QTY}<=0) /return
    |        /goto :Loop
    |    }
|        /if (${QTY}>0 && ${QTY}<20) {
|        /for i 1 to ${QTY}
        /notify merchantwnd MW_buy_Button leftmouseup
        /nomodkey /notify QuantityWnd QTYW_SliderInput leftmouseup
        /delay 1s
            /nomodkey /keypress right chat
            /nomodkey /keypress right chat
            /nomodkey /keypress backspace chat
            /nomodkey /keypress backspace chat
            /nomodkey /keypress 1 chat
            /nomodkey /notify QuantityWnd QTYW_Accept_Button leftmouseup

        /varcalc QTY 1-${FindItemCount[${ItemToBuy}]}
        /if (${QTY}<=0) /return
|        /next i

As before:
1 - Edit the macro with the merchant name and the booze you want
(Section labeled *Change these settings if you want.* near the top). Cheaper is better, except IRL! ;)
2 - stand next to the merchant you entered, make sure you have cash (on TLP it helps to use those Charisma steins!) -- Your 8th main inventory slot must be empty (lower right), new purchases will land there
3 - TLP alcohol tolerance cap is 275, change it if on a different/live server

The macro could be cleaned up for sure, but I have it working and don't really want to spend more time into it, hehe. I'm not a programmer. ;)

- - - Updated - - -

It took me about 3 hours to max alc tolerance on a TLP (1-275) using my modified mac.
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