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Utility MQ2LinkDB

Other Authors
brainiac, Ziggy, rswiders, eqmule, Nilwean, ksmith, Derple, Knightly
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
MQ2LinkDB - This plugin allows you to access links for (hopefully) every item. It stores links in a database and you may call them up manually or via hotkeys, macros or plugins.

  1. In-game, load the plugin with /plugin mq2linkdb load
  2. Import items.txt (already included) with /link /import
/link [/import] | [/max #] | <search string> | [/scan on|off] | [/click on|off]Displays item links, imports items, scans for new items, and other controls for item links.

Top-Level Objects:
TLOData Type(s)Description
LinkDBlinkdbContains a form for searching and displaying links, and a data type

Rich (BB code):
/link Wurmslayer
You'll get several links to items that include the word "Wurmslayer"

Rich (BB code):
/shout OMG I'm a dork! I have ${LinkDB[=Baby Joseph Sayer]} in my pack. Ha!
If the item is not found, the TLO returns an empty string, so you probably don't want to be directly shouting about Baby Joseph Sayer in your backpack. If you do and misspell his name, you will end up shouting about an empty string which isn't recommended.
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[git] Automation options?
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Latest updates

  1. 04/18/2024

    〰️Commits Linkdb crash root cause fix (#9) (103d551) ~derple
  2. 04/17/2024

    〰️Commits Making the field buffer larger - should refactor this to not use staticly sized...
  3. 12/30/2023

    〰️Commits Fix x86 build (b43d61e) ~Knightly