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Utility MQ2LinkDB 3.2

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Other Authors
Ziggy, rswiders, eqmule, Nilwean, ksmith
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Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2LinkDB - This plugin allows you to access links to items you don't have on you using a database file. It stores links in a database and allows you to request a link to be posted. Make sure you type import the database with the "/link /import" command after getting ingame and unzipping the file in the right spot...see below.


Rich (BB code):
Display statistics
/link /import
Import items.txt as downloaded from 13th-Floor. To import this file, do the following:
Download the items.zip file directly using this link
Unzip the items.txt file to the \Release directory
In game, type /link /import and wait a few seconds for the items to be added
Out of game, edit the MQ2LinkDB.txt file and:
Remove the first line (ends in "wornlevel")
Search for "iksar left hand" and delete the 3 lines that end in '=\
/link /max #
Set maximum number of results (default 10)
/link search
Find items containg search string
Added by v2
/link /scan [on|off]
Turn on and off scanning incoming chat
/link /click [on|off]
Click on the link generated?
Top-Level Objects:
Note: The TLO is only available in v2.
string ${LinkDB[name]}
Display the link found by name. Use =name for an exact match.

Rich (BB code):
/link baby joseph sayer
You will get a tell with a link to the Baby Joseph Sayer.

Rich (BB code):
/shout OMG I'm a dork! I have ${LinkDB[=Baby Joseph Sayer]} in my pack. Ha!
If the item is not found, the TLO returns an empty string, so you probably don't want to be directly shouting about Baby Joseph Sayer in your backpack. If you do and misspell his name, you will end up shouting about an empty string which isn't recommended.

Current DB can be found at MacroQuest2, or downloaded from RedGuides

Current MQ2LinkDB item text file as of 3/5/2017
First release
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