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Utility MQ2Ice

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Wiki Manual
Moving around on ICE is a PITA. This plugin attempts to make moving around a little easier by automatically toggling run/walk and pausing nav/path/stick when it detects the player skidding on ice.

How it works :
  1. When you are in first floor of ToFS near the ice the plugin forces you to walk
  2. When you are on ice and 'Skidding' the plugin will
    • Pause Stick/Nav
    • Use forward/back/strife keys to halt motion
    • Unpause Stick/Nav when you have stopped 'Skidding'
  3. When you exit the ice area it will turn on anything its turned off.
You can turn on|off each of the mitigation steps to see how they effect your movement.

If you find it useful please let me know.

/ice [on|off] | [ [ nav | path | stick | walk | buff ] {on|off} ]Turns the plugin on or off, and can turn parts of the skid-mitigation on or off.
/ice [on|off] - Turns plugin on or off
/ice [nav|path|stick|walk|buff] [true|false] - turns individual movement parts on or off

INI Settings
Users can define the zone and bounding box for when to toggle walking on.
See "Area" in MQ2Ice.ini , format => [ZoneID] [Min X] [Min Y] [Min Z] [Max X] [Max Y] [Max Z]
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