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Utility MQ2CPULoad 1.0

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MQ2CpuLoad - Thank you dewey2461!

Problem: Lets say you load your six box team on a quad core CPU using the normal launcher, WinEQ or MQ2. Only two of your six get their own cpu cores, the other four get doubled up. Now lets say you need to alt tab between the instances to run up a ramp or do a turn in to an NPC. Your stuck dealing with the laggy instances as you tab through them.

Solution: This plugin detects that the top instance has keyboard focus and will balance the eq clients every 6s so that instances marked high priority and/or the focus will get its own core. So in the case above when you alt tab this plugin will move the other instance to a different core and your frame rates for the top client climbs back to normal.


Rich (BB code):
/cpu ; shows basic status
/cpu help ; shows help info
/cpu auto ; turns on auto balancing
/cpu manual ; turns off auto balancing
/cpu set <core> ; manually moves current instance to another core
/cpu high ; flags current instance as high priority
/cpu low ; flags current instance as low priority
/cpu report <level> ; how much debugging info do you want?
What the /cpu status shows

MQ2CpuLoad::Status for XYZ
Core 1 [ 20 ] Foobar 21 FPS , Fooclr 20 FPS
Core 2 [ 11 ] >Foomnk 35 FPS

This shows three characters Foobar, Fooclr, and Foomnk running on a dual
core system with the frame rates shown.

In front of each character name will be a status symbol:
> the character has keyboard focus.
* the character is flaged high priority.
- the character has not responded in 6s and may be going LD.
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