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Combat Assist MQ2Farmtest

add an option to toggle off "use discs"
Keep in mind as I develop this plugin that I'm very new to the C++ language and changes for the plugin likely won't happen as fast as they do for my macros. Due to the way plugins allow a user to run multiple utilities at once, I feel that it would be a better fit to run it as a plugin as both a learning process for me, and an opportunity for the user to be able to run other utility macros while this is going. Honestly I should be making this the other way around, where the utilities are the ones I make the plugin for and leave the heavier lifting to the macros due to the complexity of maintaining a plugin of this type. But again, this was primarily created as a learning tool for me, but you the user hopefully get to benefit from it.

Have you used my plugin? Swing by the discussion posts and let me know what you think. Any bugs you've encountered related to the plugin, and some things you'd like to see worked on as a priority.

Chatwiththisname 1/20/2019
- Added the use of the FarmMobIgnored.ini file in the macro folder for the global ignores
so players didn't need to reinvent the wheel and could use the existing ignores file.

- Added group health mana and endurance checks so you can now have the merc tag along
without worry of running them out of mana.

- Reduced the delay between pulses by 1/3rd

- Nav will now refresh destination if target is moving while navigating to the selected spawn.

- Made some adjustments to stopping distance to prevent "You are to far away" issues.

- Discs now verify target is in range before attempting to use if you have a target.

- Fixed a crash that occured if no valid spawns were found.

- TODO: Add the /permignore command to replicate the usage in the macro

- TODO: Fix spell casting...yes, really...maybe....I'm not sure.

- TODO: Change the distance checks for NavigateToID(DWORD ID) to use Get3DDistance function instead of GetDistance

- TODO: Check for dead group members

- TODO: Check for dead mercenaries and handle it appropriately. (Gah, window access?)