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Combat Assist MQ2AFNuke

Updated MQ2AFNuke and MQ2Heals. Fixed an issue with /nuke memorize array bound checking that caused a crash. Also, made (only for Wizards at this point) /nuke memorize try to pick the ideal spells for your current level (of course, you must have them in your spellbook to mem them). Re-Factored a ton of code to eventually combine MQ2AFNuke and MQ2Heals into a single plug-in. It will be especially handy for Droods and Shaman that like to DPS (though I haven't added Shaman DPS to AFNuke yet). There is some sort of bug with Drood DPS occasionally breaking. I haven't fixed it yet.
Added wizard new harvest spells
Updated Cleric, Druid, Enchanter, Wizard, Magician, Ranger, Beastlord, and Shaman spells. Happy Hunting!
Updated Wizard spells for ToV, Updated Enchanter burns to use Calculated Insanity after IoG or if Megaburn is on. Updated Druid burn Black Wolf to Great Wolf.
Updated for Spire changes.
Fixed Mage and Wizard Dissident spells.
MQ2AFNuke - Added Mage Magic Nukes, Firebound Orb, Certain Wizard Buffs (testing at the moment - so disabled in release), Added some Druid burns, Updated Enchanter Spell casting orders, Added option for AE spells (DoAE - Mage & wizard atm), Added option to wait for ITC for burns (WaitForITC), Added option to use a single AA nuke during GCD (SingleForce). May have added more, but if so, I already forgot. :)