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Combat Assist ModBot.mac 4.55

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2019-08-07 Rev 4.55 - woobs
- Added new Pet Toys handling. Now you can have your mage summon and distribute toys when requested.
-- Added the following ini settings that are only valid on a Mage: DoPetToys, PetToys1,2,3,4,5
-- The 5 PetToys[x] entries consist of: SpellName|SpellGem[,Item1[,Item2]]
-- The two item entries are optional. They are intended to be used for giving summoned weapons.
-- The routine will use the gem(s) specified to memorize the spell(s), if necessary
-- If the pet does not need the item, and hands it back to the mage, it will be destroyed.
-- Players who need toys for their pet can send the follow command in tells or in EQBC chat: pettoys
-- Example (in the Mage's ini, Settings section):
PetToys1=Grant Visor of Gobeker|gem11
PetToys2=Grant Wirn's Plate|gem11
PetToys3=Grant Ioulin's Heirlooms|gem11
PetToys4=Grant Wirn's Armaments|gem11,Summoned: Gorstruck Fireblade,Summoned: Gorstruck Shortsword
2019-05-10 Rev 4.51
- Fixed a syntax error in the Heal routine.
- Restructured some of the Debuff routine to allow for faster performance.
- Corrected a Debuff issue where the macro was not properly skipping spells that were unavailable/in-cooldown.
- Added 'DoNamed' command to set/flip the 'DoNamed' variable TRUE/FALSE.
- Renamed the included spell_routines.inc to "Modbot_Spell_Routines.inc" to avoid conflicts with other downloads that use "MQ2Cast_Spell_Routines.inc".
2019-02-17 Rev 4.50 - woobs
- Added XTarget healing. You can specify that particular XTargets that should be watched for xtarget heals and set heals accordingly. Thanks to Synk for the suggestion.
AHXTgtWatch=3,6 (watch Xtargets 3 and 6 for "xtgt" heals)
Class=(can now accept xtgt, eg. xtgt80)
- Added ADCoolDown1,2,3,4,5 to allow for repetitive casting of things like AAs/Items during spell gem cooldowns. I specifically had WIZ/MAG in mind for this, but I would be
interested in hearing other uses and suggestions. The first ADCoolDown entry that is available/ready will be used. Uses the standard /casting delimited format. Example:
ADCoolDown1=Firebound Orb II|item
ADCoolDown2=Force of Elements|alt
- Added the new 'avoided your' format of resist messages to the event handlers.
- Fixed some issues with the highest-rank trigger spells and their durations.
- Fixed an error with not properly setting Debuff durations and not properly checking Debuff casting results.
- Fixed an issue with buffs/debuffs not properly interrupting for heals and heals not interrupting for priority heals.
- Some minor changes to Bard twisting to cut down on stopping/re-starting twists between mobs/resting, especially if your rest/combat twists are the same.
- Updated dicipline buff entries to be more target-flexible.
- Added the 'qcast' and 'scast' commands. They are variations of the 'cast' command (and can be used on the CastCall sub).
-- qcast - 'quiet cast' will do the cast command, with no announcements in /bc. This was added in 2017 as a paramater for CastCall and is now available as a direct command.
-- scast - Will allow you to cast a specific ini entry (not an alias). For instance: scast AB|2 (this will attempt to cast the AB2 ini entry). All other restrictions/processes for the 'qcast' command take place. Used on CastCall, it would look something like: /call CastCall {Me.CleanName} ''scast AB|2''
- Made some changes to the ADAggroOnly coding:
-- Removed the BRD/ENC only restriction.
-- Added a check to see if mob is Aggressive.
-- Updated the TargetofTarget logic.
-- Added a new parameter value (2). ADAggroOnly=2 will now simply check if the mob is Aggressive or not (not specifically on any of your group members, etc.), bypassing the target-of-target checks. Thanks to Synk for the suggestion.
20190117 Rev 4.43 - woobs
- Adjusted many sections of the macro for performance improvements.
- Fixed an issue with Immune checks.
- Updated macro for new spell casting resist chat message format.
- Updated macro to handle the new AAs that cast 'highest rank' of a spell in your book. They should now have the proper duration, etc.
- Added a 'DoNamed' variable. It will default to TRUE. You can use it to turn off the debuff type 3/13 spells in your ini. It is intended to give you some extra control of when your 'named/burn' spells fire - ie, don't count this mob as a named, even though it is (turn it off), use the 3/13 spells on the harder named (turn it back on).
20181123 Rev 4.42 - woobs
- Adjusted some detections for character death.
- Reformatted remaining references to deprecated InvSlot TLO.
- Fixed the following commands that interact with inventory. They should now function properly.
-- 'Give' command
-- 'Sell' command
-- 'Handin' command
-- 'Autobank' command
- Fixed a buffing issue when no TankName was defined.
- Fixed regen sitting for Bards. They should now sit at their threshold during downtime, even if they are coded to sing out-of-combat buffs, etc. Adjust your SitManaPct as required.
20180829 Rev 4.41 - woobs
- Fixed the handling of maxing AA and switching to Normal experience. This should now work correctly.
- Fixed an undefined macro variable issue.
- Corrected a parsing issue with a missing parentheses.